You Made it To Friday! Here’s Your Funny Reward!

Mommy I'm sure you're busy just kidding I don't care

All you Moms out there sure get a “shot in the arm” on this one, yeah?

Adorable, isn’t it? Kids have life so great though, don’t they?  So carefree and worry-free!  There’s no reason we can’t, as adults get to that place.  Just be, as Jesus said, “as a child”.  Sure, you can’t just flip a switch and become like that, but work at it and as the years go by you will face life’s challenges with less stress or anxiety and you will learn to live in peace and calmness.

You will REALLY enjoy this Viral YouTube Video of “Kid President” with an open letter to Moms:

Adorable, well done, funny and entertaining, wasn’t that?!

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This web address will also take you there:

~ Adrian Frank
Skype:  MrCrimson777

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