Are You Living Someone Else’s Life, or Your Own?

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” –Steve Jobs

Enjoy this well-done tribute to Steve Jobs and VERY popular YouTube Video:

The late Steve Jobs is the picture of achievement in the business world, and the epitome of doing everything in his power and beyond to bring the best of the best in quality products to market.

Check out all the Apple products from 1976 (happens to be the year I was born) to 2007:

steve jobs

Sure, in this writer’s opinion, he overpriced his products.  But, to some degree, I have to admit it was warranted.  Apple makes the highest of quality in the electronics industry.

Can you get, at least 3/4ths comparable products for 25%-50% less in cost?  Sure you can!  But if you want the best of the best and money is no object, then do what all Mac users say to do:

“Go Mac, and never go back!”

Anyways, so do what Steve Jobs says and don’t waste your life living someone else’s life!  You are WORTHY of your own life!


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God bless you.
~ Adrian Frank
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