Are You and Yours Going Out Tonight?


Family Fun

Not sure if I should go out and enjoy life tonight or stay in and not be poor tomorrow.

LOL!  I hope that’s not the choice you have to make, but if it is then you’ve got a bit of a tough call to make for this Saturday night.  My advice to you can be best said with a cliche:  do what your heart tells you.

Really though, sometimes we need for money to “not be an object”, and live life.  If you have to scrimp and save, work your tail off for a few days for a good night of revelry with the love of your life or with the love of your life and your kids, whatever the case may be…I say go for it!

There IS a price to pay for having fun, but you cannot go through your entire life depriving yourself of that fun just because you cannot immediately afford it!  As a human being, you NEED some recreation to maintain an even keel throughout your lifetime on this planet.

How about a “PJ Night”, like the cute kids share about in this YouTube Video?  This would be FREE!

Go for it, and tell us below what your fun plans are for tonight!

The wife and I are going out to Dinner and a Movie tonight.  So I shared what we’re doing.  It’s YOUR turn.  Leave it in the comments below!  And for more fun in your life, click the “follow” button in the top left-hand corner of this page to have fun delivered to your Inbox on a twice-daily basis!


God bless you.

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~ Adrian Frank
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