Happy Hump Day!!! Here is a little weather forecast for you today…

Are you as “happy as a camel on hump day”?  For the 2 of you out there in InternetLand whom still have not seen this hilarious Geico commercial yet you’ll get it after watching it (the rest whom have seen it, just sit back and enjoy again):

Happy Hump Day! Forecast calls for no rain today! Looks like it is going to be a dry hump day.

LOL. When I read this, this morning I couldn’t stop laughing and just had to share it with you.

(Hey, get your mind outta the gutter!)   😉

Hope your Hump day goes great today. Feel free to share this if it gave you a good chuckle. For more great content like this on a daily basis, please click on the follow button on the top left-hand corner of this screen.

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~ Adrian Frank
Skype:  MrCrimson777
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